Oscar Brum is a Mexican self-taught artist based in Milan. His work is the product of the mixture of a millenary cultural heritage and his personal experiences around the world. He seeks to create a dialogue between ancient symbolisms and contemporary dogmas exploring the relation between the artwork and the spectator as a reciprocal interaction form.

He works simultaneously on various projects using painting, mixed media and photography as his preferred means of expression. Death and its essential role in existence is an important pillar in his artistic research, as he explores the deep cosmovision of pre-hispanic cultures of Mexico and Latin America. Some of his paintings are intended to be observed using special 3D glasses that enhance the experience and allow the public to literally step into a different visual plane.

Being a self-taught artist has pushed Oscar to develop his own understanding of artistic

production and experiment with non-traditional methods, incorporating natural elements such as fungi, water, light, temperature, amongst others, and exploiting their effects on his pieces, turning them into vivid interpretations of what he defines as the “Great Universal Mysteries”.

He is actively involved in artistic creation and promotion mainly in Mexico and Europe. He is a member of the board of artistic collective group 8 Crew with which he has developed inclusive projects of urban and community-based art using cultural activities as social development detonators.

He has participated in various solo and collective exhibitions since 2015 in galleries, libraries, fairs, universities, and alternative spaces. He has received several awards, such as “Best Artist” at the 15th edition of Paratissima Contemporary Art Fair in Turin, and the New Post Photography ? Award by the MIA Foto Fair in Milan.

Exhibitions & Projects

  • MIA Photo Fair Milano. New Post Photograpy? Award. Milan, Italy 18 - 22 March 2021.

  • Paratissima Talents, the best of the 15th edition. Turin, Italy. September 24 – October 11 2020.

  • RIPHOTO - Oltre l'immagine. Rivarolo Canavese, Italy. September 11 - October 18 2020.

  • Looking for Art Contest. Milan, Italy October 2019. Public's choice award.

  • Paratissima Art Fair. Turin, Italy. October 30 - November 3 2019. PHOCUS & Multiversity exhibitions. Awarded the price “Paratissima Talents” for the 15 best artists of the fair.

  • Outstanding Alumni Exhibition. ITESM University Library. Collective exhibition of four distinguished alumni. Awarded 1st place award.

  • 8 Crew @ 8 Gallery. Mexico City 2017. Restoration and collective exhibition at a historical venue.

  • Babel Galería Itinerante. Mexico City 2016. Intervention on an abandoned mansion turning it into an urban contemporary gallery.

  • Art Cirquit @ Bistro Roma. Mexico City 2016. Solo exhibition at a historical venue.

  • El Mercadillo Bazar. Mexico City 2015. Collective exhibition at a colonial convent.

  • Spirits of Life & Death. Bálsamo Galería. Mexico City 2015. Solo exhibition.

  • Be Youtiful Fashion Show. ITESM CSF. Mexico City 2014. Solo exhibition at a fashion show held at one of the most important universities in Latin America.

  • Number 3. Aguafuerte Galería. Mexico City 2014. Collective exhibition.