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Flowers in the Void


Based on the ancient cosmovision of Mexican pre-hispanic cultures, where flowers are a symbol of regeneration and rebirth, they represent the creation of a new soul from one that has passed away.

a2. Interdimentional Dancers pt. III - O

Remembering the forgotten, “reviving” the dead, reevaluating the “useless”. The use of gold color represents the most sacred of elements, which purifies and gives new life to the almost long lost and forgotten dancers that now have become immortal.


When the Cempasúchil Flower Acquired it’s Colors


The cempasúchil is a yellow, orange and red flower used from the time of the prehispanic cultures of Mexico to our days as offerings to the deceased, adorning graves, altars and houses.  


Boat Ride During a Neutron Star Collision



Space-time alterations, creation of heavy elements, dimensional disruptions, bending of light.


Warm is Good



The monochromatic  aspect of these pieces and the nature of its subjects irradiate a particular warmth that is felt inside, rather than outside of the body.


It aims for that place deep within where we are still innocent and fearless, where the soul is free to fly back to that primal state of completeness.

Violet Vegas II.png

Violet Hues



Violet is the combination between blue's calm stability and red's fierce energy. It is here, blended with the purity of gold, manifesting the universal balance of forces. 


Secret Stories of a Wild Man


Ink, gold, and paint merge together with the naturally occurring fungi & mold to recontextualize and bring new life to the almost lost and forgotten "Secret Stories of a Wild Man".



Inspired by the mayan belief that time is not linear, but cyclical and infinite, that great changes occur where chaos and destruction are followed by creation and balance.

Project Background & Description


The photos featured in this project were taken by the artist’s grandfather, Alfredo Brum, in the span of four decades starting on the 1960’s. The stories behind them are very special as they not only depict him as a family man, but also reveal his “secret” life.


This photographic collection contains a wide variety of subjects and situations, from photos with his wives and kids on vacation at Disneyland and ski trips to the mountains, to whole albums full of pictures from nightclubs and exotic dancers in Brazil, Eastern Europe festivities, parties in Las Vegas, just to mention a few.

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