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This piece explores the human heart and its symbolism, both in ancient and contemporary times. 


Twisting of the heart talks about the struggle of human beings, about a fight within ourselves, of temptation and power of will.


One can almost hear the laughs and screams emerging from this piece and observe how the heart constantly changes its own form. Just like our hearts are constantly being shaped, not only by our own decisions and thoughts, but also by those of others.


In Náhuatl language, spoken by many cultural groups in the pre-hispanic Mexico, the term "twisting of the heart" is understood as corruption and "twisted heart" as a dishonorable person. This is a reference to Mexico's decade-long issue and the huge damage it causes to it's society . 


The pure black marble base alludes to one of the country’s most valuable and abundant resources: il. It has always been and remains today at the very center of the devastating cancer called corruption.

Twisting of the Heart

Nickel-plated bronze mounted on a pure black marble base

H. 50 cm.  D. 25 cm.

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